Benefit Company

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SchoolPinnd started and will always operate in an organic and lean method.  SchoolPinnd is a Pennsylvania registered Benefit LLC company, which means 'Business with a Mission'.  A Benefit Company is a social enterprise with a corporate purpose of creating public benefit and operate in a socially and/or environmentally responsible manner.

Benefit companies are:

  • more credible and transparent
  • have to benchmark against a third-party assessment
  • have to file an annual Benefit Report with the state describing how it pursued to create public benefit.

Benefit Company is a new type of entity that uses the power of business to solve social and/or environmental problems.  We value keeping our pricing low and your generous support will help support this valuable resource.

In aligning with our vision, we have currently established a collaborative relationship with Plant Five For Life, a creative new Pittsburgh initiative that connects children and families to nature.

Please see below for our benefit report once it's available.