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SchoolPinnd started and will always operate in an organic and lean method.  SchoolPinnd is a Pennsylvania registered Benefit LLC company, which means 'Business with a Mission'.  A Benefit Company (B-Corp) is a social enterprise with a corporate purpose of creating public benefit and operate in a socially and/or environmentally responsible manner.

Benefit companies are:

  • more credible and transparent
  • have to benchmark against a third-party assessment
  • have to file an annual Benefit Report with the state describing how it pursued to create public benefit.

Benefit Company is a new type of entity that uses the power of business to solve social and/or environmental problems.  We hope this platform becomes one of the most valuable resources for you in YOUR school community, your generous support will help support our vision.

In aligning with responsible citizenship, we have currently established a collaborative relationship with Plant Five For Life, a creative new Pittsburgh entity that connects children and families to nature.  We will update you and post here, the measurable impact we plan to bring through this awesome collaboration.

Although, we are a start up (we are very proud of what we have achieved thus far in these few months), to maintain the B-Corp designation we have to submit a Benefit Report to the state annually.  We have decided to use the B Impact Assessment by Certified B Corporation (, which has also been used by companies like Patagonia and Ben and Jerry's! Please click here to see our first Benefit Report submitted to the state of Pennsylvania.