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    Featuring Your Unedited Responses!


    "Knowledge is power.  Information is liberating.  Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family." - Kofi Annan

    Through an online sign up form, we had asked parents this question: What are two topics of most interest to you regarding your school or education?

    You could be discussing and getting answers to these and much more right now with parents/caregivers of YOUR school/district right here on SchoolPinnd!

    Below are YOUR unedited responses (Don't forget to add your comments):

    • Homework: Quantity and Quality
    • Importance of sports in education
    • The race towards 1:1 implementations in the absence of data that supports increased learning outcomes for students who already have access to devices at home.
    • School curriculum
    • Teacher quality
    • School times, calendar days and vacations
    • Ranking
    • Empowering girls
    • Quality of education, School spirit, Positive environment
    • The over emphasis of real world applications in Mathematics at a younger age instead of building a strong math facts foundation.
    • Ensuring diversity and acceptance of all students
    • College prep, College entrance exams
    • Simplifying school news & communications
    • Safety
    • IB classes vs Advanced Programs (AP) classes
    • STEAM learning
    • Dress code
    • Parent Engagement
    • Participation
    • Homework support expectations
    • What to expect from schools
    • Property taxes
    • Cafeteria options
    • Integral classroom programs
    • College search
    • Clubs and social events at school
    • AP course offerings, vocational opportunities and internships
    • Study skills
    • Tests
    • Time management - school, sports, family, etc.
    • Student Enrichment, gifted program
    • Social Emotional Growth