SchoolPinnd Community Guidelines

SchoolPinnd strives to provide a trustworthy and coordinated platform where parents, guardians and residents can share ideas and information related to their school and education to enhance the educational experience of both the parent and the child.

Below is a set of Community Guidelines which describes the behaviors that are and are not allowed on SchoolPinnd.  Everybody should feel welcomed and respected when using SchoolPinnd.  We reserve the right to remove content or suspend a user or termination of a user's SchoolPinnd account, if these Guidelines are violated, as noted in our Terms.

This is your platform, your community, your school, your child’s education, let’s together make the most of it!

  • Use your real first and last name during signup, which builds trust with fellow users and fosters better communication.  Our Terms of Service clearly states this.
  • We encourage members to be helpful and have conversations that matter to them in a civil, constructive and respectful manner.
  • The posts and conversations should be related to your school and education, do not discuss topics that are unrelated.  This platform encourages asking each other questions and learning from each other and provides a way to collaborate to better education.
  • Do not attack, bully, harass, berate, threaten or swear at another member or members or any individual in a group or private message.
  • Of course, you are entitled to think what you like and you might disagree at times with others, but be respectful and constructive.  This is not always easy, but just try to move on.
  • Please do not discuss your personal disputes openly but contact the person directly to reach a resolution in a civil manner.
  • Avoid inflammatory language and do not make posts or comments that discriminate based on, but not limited to, race, color, gender, religion, nationality or age.
  • Please choose the correct or the closest match of the category to which your post’s subject belongs to, for example curriculum, sports, health, budget etc.
  • Do not just keep complaining and push your personal views, but together try to find a solution and be productive; SchoolPinnd provides you the perfect platform to do so.
  • Do not discuss an individual’s habits or personality, especially about a particular school employee.
  • Do not over-post and take over the conversation, this may result in suspension.  Teamwork always works best.
  • Posting a poll is a great way to gather feedback from your entire school community, use it wisely.
  • If you notice anything suspicious or against these Guidelines, please flag it or bring it to the notice of other members or contact SchoolPinnd at
  • If your post is information regarding a local business or business/service related to your school or education, SchoolPinnd restricts solicitation of any kind.
  • Maintain the integrity of any recommendation you make by being transparent and clear any conflicts of interest.
  • Do not post private information or content of private messages without the permission of other member(s).
  • Please use your real name to identify yourself in your profile which builds trust and sense of community.
  • Please keep your profile information correct, honest and up-to-date and don’t forget to add a profile photo which helps strengthen the connections.
  • We prohibit the selling, soliciting, or offering of any illegal goods or services. ‚ÄčIf you think that posts in your neighborhood violate this guideline, please contact the relevant local authorities.  We prohibit purchase, sale, trade, or distribution of prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms (guns) or ammunition, alcohol, tobacco, or other adult products.  We prohibit pornography and regulated activities, such as prostitution and gambling.